Serving the West Creston Community

Hall & Facilities Rentals
The West Creston Community Hall Society rents out the Community Hall as a source of revenue. The Community Hall is a place for the people of West Creston to meet for social, recreational, educational, and training purposes. When you are planning an event, please browse the calendar below first to see if the Hall is available for your event or which alternate dates might work for you, then contact the Rentals Director for your booking or request your booking online on the booking page. Although the use of our facilities is intended for family weddings, family reunions, and community events, we are open to other events. If you have a specific need, call us! All requests will be reviewed by the Rentals Director within 24 hours.
Features of The Facility

Building: The Hall was constructed and opened in 2000. It features a large full service kitchen with all the hardware, bar outlet, hardwood floors, and modern washroom facilities. The approved capacity of the facility is 125. The building is wheelchair accessible and has a separate handicap washroom. We also have complimentary wifi for you and your guests to use during your event.

Outdoor Amenities: This is a family environment, with children’s playground equipment and picnic tables for the perfect family outing.

For the larger groups, you might like to use the horseshoe pits, or roll out your own activity on the lawn area. We have the horseshoes and will loan them to you if you ask.

Outdoor washrooms are available for campers during the summer months only. Sorry, no showers.

There is no sani-dump on site nor any hook-ups for Recreational Vehicles. That means no use of electrical or water from the Hall for that purpose. Anyone abusing this policy will be asked to leave!

Camping Sites: There are a few tenting sites and potential RV camping spots near this caretaker’s residence, depending on the size of your units and your desired layout.

The picnic tables are available and may be moved to suit your occasion. Please return them to the general location where you found them before you leave.

Security: In addition to the above features, the facility has an on-site resident caretaker, who is available to troubleshoot in the event of a problem.

Amenities: When planning your event, please keep in mind that our Hall is in the country and not all city amenities are readily available. The nearest store is 15 minutes away.

booking the hall

Responsibilities: It’s simple, you must leave the Hall and grounds in the same condition as you have found them. We expect no more than that! Here are a few other things which you should be aware of;

  • The inside tables and chairs stay inside.
  • No animals are allowed in the Hall at any time for health reasons.
  • All animals in the yard must be on a leash and you are to pick up after them.
  • No stiletto or cleated footwear allowed inside the Hall due to potential damage to the wood floors.
  • Cigarette butt containers are provided. Pick up any butts left near the front entrance area, or better yet, get your guests to use the butt containers.
  • Cleaning up after your event is your responsibility (remember, like you found it).
  • No quads, motorcycles, snow machines, or similar equipment allowed on the property.
Rental Agreement: You will be required to submit a Rental Agreement Application and show proof of liability insurance if alcohol is being served. To view and print the terms and conditions, please click Rental Agreement. Any questions regarding the Rental Agreement should be directed to the Rental Director.
Included in the Rental Contract is a Rental Agreement, Terms & Conditions and the Departure Checklist. You can fill these out electronically or you will be emailed a copy.
Contacts: For more information, please contact Ashley or Peggy via phone call or text.
Rental Fees

Rental fees are charged for the use of the hall and grounds, depending on how long the property is being used.

We establish a set of rental rates each year, trying to be flexible but still maintaining overall values of providing a facility for the residents of West Creston. West Creston residents get preferred rates. The Hall is rented on a “first-come first-serve” basis.

Here are some of the highlights of our Rental Guidelines:

  • All renters have full use of the kitchen facilities without extra cost. The rental rate includes use of the kitchen for large functions or small meetings. If you are having a meeting, go ahead and make some coffee!
  • West Creston residents can utilize the preferred rates with a verified proof of address in the applicants name. The applicant is required to attend the event.
  • There are “set-up” and “clean-up” rates for those who wish to decorate the Hall before the event or take some extra time to clean-up after the event, without having to pay for another full day’s rental fee. However, if it is your intention to camp over or use the Hall for other than decorating, you can still use it but at a higher rate for wear & tear (ask the Rental Director for details).
Rental OptionsGeneral PublicWest Creston Residents
Booking Deposit$100$100
Damage Deposit$300$300
Event Set-Up (after 3pm)$50$50
Event Clean-Up (until noon)$50$50
Full Weekday (Monday to Friday)$150/day$100/day
Weekend (Saturday or Sunday)$300/day$150/day
Day Use (until 5pm)$120/day$90/day
Evening (after 6pm)$60$45
Black or White Table Cloths (Large / Small)$10 / $7$10 / $7
*Please Note* Rates will vary depending on the length of your stay, the timing of your stay, and what ever other rentals are scheduled around your desired time. All rentals are subject to the approval of your application by the Hall Board and receipt of a Booking Deposit. Your booking is not guaranteed until the Booking Deposit and the Rental Agreement has been accepted. After receiving Board approval for your event from the Society Booking Director you will be emailed with further instructions to finalize your booking.
Hall Rental Calendar