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Honorary Lifetime Members

Over the years, the Society has had some very exceptional individuals working on the Board, who volunteered countless hours to make the Community Hall and the Society what it is today.

Five individuals were recognized by the Community some time ago with the distinction of being "Honorary Directors and Lifetime Members". Their names are proudly displayed on a plaque that is in the front foyer at the Hall. The plaque reads in part, "...for their years of selfless and dedicated service to their Community..." Although many of those pioneers have passed, their legacy continues!

We continue to honor them for their contribution to the West Creston Community Hall by listing their names on our website for all to see. "THANK YOU" for your dedication, your foresight and for leaving such a beautiful legacy for the community to use for many years to come.

Margaret Dupeyron      

Margaret Berg      

Ronald Sr. and Lola Evans  

Fred Ryckman      

Gordon Chugg      

Don Turner    

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Some call them visionary pioneers, while others call them tireless volunteers, but they did work hard over the years to give us what we have today...thanks for your dedication and effort!
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