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How to Become a Member

This society has been formed for you. Anyone may join, subject to Board approval, as long as you reside in West Creston. We have extended membership to former residents as well, so that they may keep in touch with their former community.

We encourage all residents of West Creston to join this Community Hall organization. If you have any specific questions regarding the benefits of membership, please contact any Director listed in elected officers.

In keeping with the Bylaws of the Society Act, dues are necessary and collected from each member as a method of maintaining an accurate listing of all members. The membership fees have been set at $1.00 per person or $2.00 per family, and are due at the Annual General Meeting each year for the following year.

In the earlier years the membership dues were required to offset some of the hall's operating expenses.

As a member "in good standing" you have voting rights within the Society. Your vote does help to shape the structure of the Society and sets it´s direction for the future. Members determine what activities and events are required within the community and what things happen at the Community Hall.

A good membership base is important for the long term survival of the Community Hall and provides a valuable source of volunteers needed for the work at the Community Hall. We have found that many of those volunteers become excellent Directors on the Board...our future!

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