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Corn Crickers' Picnic

Here's a little bit of the history of the Corn Crickers' Picnic and a few details about the past year's event.

History:   The Corn Crickers' Picnic began with an idea by the entertainment committee of the Hall Association in 1969 to add some good old-fashioned fun into family life in West Creston. The event had its own mascot, Charlie Corncracker the community scarecrow, and was West Creston's most important community function.

And, the picnic has been gaining popularity over the years as just that, an authentic old-fashioned gathering. People came back for the picnic and to their roots, to meet old friends and family, and to enjoy the peaceful surroundings. The picnic was traditionally scheduled for the Sunday following the Creston Valley Fall Fair.

What do the words "Corn Cricker" mean? The word "crick" is a slang for "creek", and everyone knows that the Corn Creek (or Corn Crick) flows through the heart of the community and had the best swimming hole in the area. So if you were from the area, you were a Corn Creeker or better known as a "Corn Cricker".

Adults and children participated in games and contests like corn husking, pie eating, horseshoes, hog calling, egg toss, and many more. The highlight of the picnic was the pie auction, which was a fundraiser for the Community Hall. People were eager to donate pies and generous when it came time to buy them. Pies were auctioned off with the proceeds going toward operating the Hall.

The concession served hot dogs and hamburgers, soda pop, fresh cob of corn, and a piece of pie. The tradition continues today with food and activities as reasonable as they were many years ago. Where else in this world can you get a hamburger with all the trimmings, a cob of corn, a soft drink, and a piece of pie for only a few dollars...only at the Corn Crickers' Picnic!

2019:   Another successful Corn Crickers' Picnic...51st!

Continuing with the theme of "giving back to the Community", everyone enjoyed a free lunch. Lunch consisted of traditional burgers, smokies and hot dogs, fresh corn-on-the-cob (from Canyon), locally grown onions, tomatoes and cucumbers, and pie for dessert. Our volunteers made 40+ peach and apple pies. All fruit was locally grown and donated.

The 'chicken bingo' or "duck bingo this year, continued to facinate the youngsters and old alike. The 50/50 draw raised a nice sum of money. The Tug-o-war was again very, very close but the men did prevail!

"Thank You" to all the volunteers and our sponsors who make this event possible. Our sponsors are;

2020:   The tradition will continue and the 52nd Corn Crickers' Picnic will be held on the Sunday after the Creston Valley Fall Fair. The following details are provided so you can pencil in the date on your new calendar.

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    Sunday, Sept. 13/20

     Usual Activities

  • Horseshoes
  • Chicken Bingo
  • Tug-O-War
  • 50 / 50 Draw
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