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A newsletter has been produced over the years and for many years for the residents of West Creston. Being informed by newsletter about what the happenings in West Creston was more important years ago than it is today, but many people today still rely on newsletters for their information. We have taken some old newsletters that we have found in files and re-produced them to make them available on this website. This is an e-version in PDF format.

It is a very interesting read to see how the Hall Society has changed over the years.

Here are newsletters up to the current three years or so that are available on-line. If you have any that are not listed and would like to share them, please forward a copy so they may be added to the website.

Again, if you have any older newsletters in your files which you would like to share, please copy and forward them to the Director responsible for Newsletters. We'll get them posted for others to read.
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