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Appy Night Social

Our last Appy Night Social was held on December 13, 2014. This was a fun-filled festive event with a good mixture of feast and friendship just before the Christmas season rush.

It was an evening of sharing with pot-luck appetizers of all kinds and tastes. Combined with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee and a good visit with friends and neighbours, it was a very enjoyable evening!.

Again a very festive event with local musicians, under the direction of Kalen Huscroft, entertaining the crowd with a variety of violin combinations. There was also a special treat from the 'Kokanee Brass' headed by Laura & Hans, making it a Christmas tradition. Great entertainment! Thank you!

"Thank you" to all of the residents who shared their favorite appetizers and made this a cheerful event. Also a special "thank you" to Maura and crew for taking the time to organize the event.

Unfortunately the turn-out in 2014 was very disappointing and the event has been cancelled and re-considered in the future.

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